Why Choose Us


Chemimol Pharmatechs offers high quality products, expert services and customer support. 


We have developed more than 40 General Structures which enables us to make products more


efficient and easily, and most of the compounds are innovative and being widely used in organic





Our approach to product development and manufacturing ensures that quality is built into the


product of the first stage. It requires a deep understanding of a product, its manufacturing


process and customer expectations regarding critical to quality attributes.



Our goal is to provide innovative products and solutions that achieve the best ways for


customers to find the right products as need. To develop and manufacture high quality products,


we work with customers and help them to find integrated solutions, being achieved by:



Implementing the practices in:


    - Processes improvement and systems


    - Updating regulatory requirements


    - Dynamic improvements in quality of products and Services





    - Products are supported with regulatory documents like Certificate of Analysis


    - Residual solvent tests and documents required by customers


    - Highly competitive prices, which helps customers to increase their margins


    - Highly customer oriented approach and single window service under one roof which ensure prompt response, transparency and single point communications for all the requirements



Continuous focus on:


    - Customers needs


    - Enhancing customer satisfaction


    - Improving effectiveness of the Quality Management System