About Us


Chemimol Pharmatechs is an innovative company that specializes in the field of


organic chemistry, developing a broad range of chemicals. With our own R&D center


and production plant in Jiangxi province, Chemimol Pharmatechs’ main field of


expertise covers the development and production of fine chemicals, APIs and


intermediates, and special reagents.



We have professional R&D and products management teams, and 1100 square meters


research center in Jiangxi province with production capability scaled from milligram


to kilograms, which enable us to offer a broad range of products and custom synthesis


to worldwide customers.



Equipped with the most advanced equipments and instruments such as NMR, HPLC,


GC, LC-MS, IR, UV, Titration, Chemimol Pharmatechs has the ability to control and


guarantee all the products for customers are of good quality, and continuously


improving quality to meet higher  standards according to customers and markets





Generally we keep reasonable inventory of the products as listed on the webpages,


ensuring to meet customers' needs and requirements better, and can deliver the


products to our clients worldwide timely.



We dedicate to provide high quality and innovative products with competitive prices


and good customer service to achieve mutual benefits with our clients.




For more information about our products and/or us, please feel free to contact us. 




We also would like to introduce our brother company, Aerosoon Medical Co., Ltd.,


which develops, produces and distributes Portable Mesh Nebulizers. Please visit it at


www.aerosoon.com or write email to sales@aerosoon.com to get more information


about its most innovative products.