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Please try using another searching criterion. Our search accepts compound name (full, partial, or keyword), Cat.#, CAS#, or molecular formula. 


For example, when you want to find a Clethodim impurity but it does not have a CAS#, please use a keyword such as "clethodim" to search, then you could get a list of products which are related to "clethodim", then choose the one you need.


When the product you need is not listed on our webpages, or you are interested in custom synthesis, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to work with you on the product/project.



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Please send your inquiry to 287753072@qq.com. We aim to reply your request within 24hrs; to help us in providing an accurate and fast quotation, please ensure to include the following information in your inquiry:    

    1)   product name

    2)   CAS# and/or Chemimol Cat.#

    3)   purity desired, and

    4)   quantity

    5)   others when necessary



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The quoted price is valid for 15 days from the day of issuing the quotation without extra specification. Payment can be made via wire transfer (T/T). When you need to pay by other methods, please contact us to discuss the details.


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Return Policy:

Returns shall be accepted only by prior approval of Chemimol. Only items that are proven defective or non-conforming to the claimed specification will be accepted for returns. In no event shall Chemimol be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.