Quality & Facilities




By monitoring the latest trends of medicines and chemicals, we are always being able to


make and provide innovative products for our clients. With the most reliable products


developing system by screening, process design, trial synthesis, testing and quality


confirm and regular production, we provide the best solutions of products according to


customers’ needs and requirements.




Quality Management


We insure that each product meets the highest quality standard and customer


requirements and strictly follows the quality management system. Guarantee the quality


of each batch in conformity with the client requirements is obtained by focusing on staff


training, testing techniques improvement, and continuous quality control.



A detailed inspection report is furnished for each batch containing the following


information: batch number, product characteristics, purity, production date, expiration


date, storage conditions and data analysis. 




Equipments & Instruments


The following equipments and instruments are being used to test and guarantee


products quality: NMR, HPLC, GC, LC-MS, IR, UV, Titration, and etc.



We accept and provide the third party’s quality testing report per customers’